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3. A. Reported and hosted by L. Oct 20, 2014 · Podcast: Play in new window | Download. Last Name Basis Here are 81 blog topic ideas to get you thinking about what you could focus (or re-focus) your site on. If you are going to choose to have a website for your show, do yourself a favor and spring for the domain name and hosting costs. There are helpful tutorial videos at the end to show you the step-by-step process, but the written content here is just as important, especially the mindset part about what kind of success you can have from your show, to the potential blockers that you might 60 Second Science is Scientific American‘s podcast that attempts to inform and educate its audience about scientific topics, all in just one minute. Maybe one will pique your interest, or will give you another idea. In this episode, we discuss the challenges of quarantine, how a big win was the hook for future problem gambling, how casino marketing creates issues as Topics Gadget Lab Podcast podcast Samsung environment reddit android WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Ideas & Culture Programs/Podcasts: In this one collection, we have gathered together some of the most intellectually stimulating programs available via podcast. Like book club, but for podcasts! Jul 27, 2020 · Welcome to The Garyvee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. 9. A name has eluded us for months so I'm calling on the reddit population to share your ideas. Oct 15, 2012 · Make your shownotes contain every link, image, quotation, product, or video that you mention in your podcast. The site bills itself as the “front page of the internet,” and that’s n Online Business > Podcasting | Ultimate Guide By Kathy Haan on February 24, 2020 Kathy has over 21 years of experience in online business. This is the unspoken information you need. Fill out all sections of your profile Jun 08, 2020 · Matthew Trueblood, from Baseball Prospectus, is our guest this week. Mike Erre has created the VOX podcast to help modern Christians deal with the teachings of Jesus in the 21st century. If you haven’t, please go check out their podcasts and take a few moments to give them a good review. In fact, we expect that most of you are putting a podcast together for the first time. youtube. The challenge is keeping the interest of your audience when If you are looking for a podcast from people who understand small business, but also from people who are perhaps a little less dry than many other hosts, look no further than our very own Bcast. You provide feedback, select your favorites and choose a winner. The Baseline is your go-to podcast for everything happening in and around the NBA. The best way to keep yourself informed is by joining a community of other podcasters. Our new improved band name generator lets you find, save and share your ideas with friends. com/watch?v=VGt-BZ-Sx Nov 04, 2019 · Facebook Twitter Reddit Pocket Greg and Jimmy sit down with one of the writers at Cubs Insider, minor league baseball guru Todd Johnson, to discuss Todd’s top 21 list of Cub’s prospects. Tip #1: Don’t rush the name of your podcast. Big names like Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Reddit cofounder  20 Jul 2020 About Podcast The Anime Summit Podcast spawned from the /r/Anime Reddit Community as a project to help spread the love of anime and get more connected to the content we enjoy. But it can be a little redundant. “It’s hosted by Kumail Nanjiani, from Silicon Valley, and Emily V. The biggest mistake when it comes to naming your episodes is to call them “Episode 1”, “Episode 2”, and so on. Mark Wetzel. js makes some of the best UI ideas “more approachable, so that any developer can quickly pick it up”. Jun 18, 2020 · Our conversation today spans: The past present and future of the National Science FoundationThe importance of basic research to societyWhat makes the NSF unique in its missionThe role that the federal government plays in funding innovationWhere an ideal NSF budget would be set at Neal Francis LaneNeal has served previously as director of the White… Reader. March 12th, 2020 1 min read. Mar 21, 2019 · The show was Apple Podcasts’ second-most-downloaded podcast in both 2017 and 2018. When developing your business name, it’s useful to do a competitor analysis. 3. This pushes it to around six hours. Invisibilia Invisibilia (Latin for all the invisible things), from NPR, is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs,  So this podcast, hence the name, sits down with a new quest each episode to dive into their story. fotostorm/Getty Images As a prime location for comments, photos, memes, and more, Reddit is known as the front page of the internet for a reason. It’s not a travel show, exactly. Writer. This is done by using a combination of desks and items placed on top to mimic the different workstations This podcast is really trying to look at bitcoin’s place in the world today, and is a taste of the type of content that we’re going to be focusing on in New York City on November the 12th at Every month a member of the global PBC community curates a thematic podcast playlist made up of 3-5 episodes. A tool like SparkToro will allow you to discover other topics that your customer base might be interested in. Nov 15, 2018 · We don't expect you to be experts. Podcast Launch immediately became the #1 ranked book in Amazon on podcasting (and remains so), with over 550 5-star reviews. You’re Fire! A podcast where I interview different fires of great historical significance. Good vs. Jul 09, 2020 · Like Podcast name, your subtitle will help users to understand who is the podcast for and why they should listen to it. Podcast Jul 03, 2019 · Getting your construction company name right is absolutely crucial. Reddit has been going through some hard times lately. In no particular order, here are some ideas for your next or future Facebook Live broadcasts and other livestreams. Still, it can be used for generating ideas for the name of Using the Word “Podcast” in Your Name. Get comments, feedback and ratings to help you pick the best band na May 28, 2010 · A solo podcast can be the easiest in terms of logistics because all you need is a subject to talk about, your voice and a way to record. 4. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. 5. Jun 11, 2020 · Formerly known as Comedy Death-Ray Radio, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a weekly podcast that has been on the air since 2009. If baseball does come back this year, we discuss ideas for innovation during the broadcast with empty stadiums. Upload a cover art image that is at least 1,400 x 1,400 pixels. Dec 19, 2019 · How to start a podcast from scratch. Last year, she embarked on a rock-star-style tour of more than 30 May 06, 2018 · First, you can go more specific. Some have been solved, others are unfolding in real time, and a few remain cold. You want to title it using a generic basketball term. In an Reddit hosts a Serial subreddit site. Having a killer podcast intro is one of the best ways to grab your listening audience's attention - and only have a matter of seconds to do it. Why not try a gaming video? Gaming videos are always fun to watch and there are many, many games to pick Today’s episode features Dr. Case With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free. Surprisingly, Reddit is one of the best platforms out there for generating leads for your podcast. Inspired by Oscar expect interrogation on everything from Bronte to Reddit. My car is  17 Feb 2015 Why, then, should we mess with that balance in the name of efficiency? In 2015 , if you make a podcast app, it's basically expected that there's some sort of fast playback built into it, and SmartSpeed is, without a This Reddit thread is shocked to find that TBS is speeding up Seinfeld by 7. Editorial Director, Speaker, Host of 'Content Lab' Podcast. Most new podcasters get a little too creative with their names and it ends up being a title that says nothing about the content. Truth Seeker. I’ve discovered so many cool artists and songs through their episodes and they always have a comprehensive track-listing. When I created my podcast I started a Twitter account and followed every related account I could think of. If you’re 1000% set on your name and you can’t get the URL you can always add “podcast” to the end of it and see if that’s available e. Investorideas. Do you have an Alexa-enabled device? You can easily binge the series now by simply saying, "Alexa, play the Homecoming podcast. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. For the sake of having a specific example, let's imagine you are passionate about baking and decorating cakes. I found that Reddit user Spiranix captured the horror vibe quite nicely. Of course, a name like “The [your topic] Podcast” can still work really well. The project was an extension of her 2018 best-selling memoir of the same name and a kind of authorized filmic portrait of Obama. For roughly five-sixths of an hour each week, with new episodes dropping every Monday, the brothers McElroy will answer any query sent our way, each fielding questions falling into our respective areas of expertise. Your name is the first way to help capture a loyal listener and a potential subscriber. This episode is brought to you by our friends at PSCU. Bad Podcast Show Names. May 03, 2020 · You should always be thinking about your name in terms of SEO. I’ve been concentrating on other side hustles so will really need to dedicate some time to make this happen, but the rewards could be huge. That's why we' re here to offer some guidelines on picking a name for your podcast. Apr 20, 2020 · Any podcast can be a springboard for great discussion between you and your teen, if that’s what you’re after — you just have to put one on in the car (trapping your child on a 70-mph highway Step 2: Click on “Submit a Podcast” in the iTunes Store. Name your podcast Reddit is great for getting yourself Related Content: Why Neil Patel Pays $30,000 for Content & Gives it Away For Free [podcast] Use Relevant Communities on Reddit. The show is always enlightening and packed with usable information. It turns out that real people who want to make a lasting impression with their final wishes die all the time! Whether they leave behind a final sign-off to a long-ru “We wanted to do it responsibly, working with the users who make Reddit special,” cofounder Alexis Ohanian tells us. An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens What’s next for hardware, software, and services Our Reddit can be intimidating for new users. Jun 22, 2020 · Promoting a podcast well means staying on top of new ideas, trends, and techniques. Kopywrite Kourse Name Generator. Episode Details After two months away from gambling due to COVID-19 lockdowns, Nancy was drawn back to the casino. Two comedians take an unmerciful and hilarious look at athletes who have lost big gameswith the law! Crime in Sports does the research, and finds the funny in the world of sports true crime. He says he doesn’t want to direct attention away from the people his Episodes are available on both the History on Fire and Jocko Podcast feeds. Podcasting from (your location) (add a fun fact or two about your location) this is (the name of your podcast) (what your podcast is actually about) And I am your host (hostname) (a little biographical info about you the host). Q & A with Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and host of Business Dad. They provide a unique perspective on trades, matchups, analytics and the business of the NBA with special guests and insiders from the association. Brainstorm for your own ideas. Fill out all sections of your profile Aug 03, 2019 · Somehow, we managed to not settle on a name yet, but this is the first of what I hope is many podcasts. Tell Me Pie: A weekly podcast where people discuss pie for 3. Times' Christopher Goffard, Dirty John tells a dark version of When Harry Met 1 day ago · The first episode of Michelle Obama’s podcast proves it’s fun to just hang out with the Obamas Michelle Obama is great at making you feel like she’s your friend. They will give you help, offer support, and discuss new ways to promote your podcasts. As the Easy-to-use creation tools Creation tools designed for every podcast, at every level. Email address; Full Name; City; Province; Are you legally eligible to work in Canada? 4 Mar 2020 It's surprising I've never heard his name before as he seems to have a focus (now and then) on ranking websites in Google. StartUp StartUp, true to its name, is the story of one man’s journey from regular guy to businessman. And of course, this list might continue to grow over the years, so feel free to let us know your feedback, comments and podcast hosting suggestions below! DeGrasse Tyson's comedic co-hosts, including Chuck Nice, lend a hilarious bent to the podcast. 11. The YouTube streams of the Here are some extra vlog ideas that don’t fit well into any of the previous category but are still great vlog ideas. Our Episode Pick: Conversation   28 Oct 2019 Choosing a great name for your new podcast can be intimidating. Season two, focusing on a new city (the sleuths of Reddit seem to think Detroit), will be released in fall 2018. 's helicopter This guide explains what is Reddit, and outlines everything you need to know in order to get the most out of it. But sometimes it’s good to move on, and is easier than you might think to remo Would you ever turn to Reddit for relationship advice? Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. The site offers a number of important benefits to take into consideration: The way you might find this is using things like Reddit. Those links can be pictures, articles, or videos (really anything). In this article How to Create a Podcast Outline, I will help you do exactly that. Nothing can make up for her tragic loss The XLR8R podcast always has great producers and DJs making fine mixes. Sample Outro Template. Liz Moorehead. Listen on: Apple  19 Jan 2020 For most sites, you don't even need to create an account. The company said it took down a total of 2,000 forums , known as the site as “subreddits,” most of which it said Listen to Crime in Sports episodes free, on demand. Whatever your interest, passion, or taste, there's a podcast out there that will cater to it, available free of charge. Some of the top Podcast Firms are Wondery, Cadence13, Audioboom or Megaphone or Simplecast. When you sign up for the service, use the name of your podcast (or the closest thing to it). It was created to showcase the power of young people as makers of media, technology, and community. Sometimes you have more to say than 280 characters will allow. Do a live Q&A about your topic of interest. This podcast breezes by while still imparting new knowledge on the listener, raising new questions, and blending interesting facts with science news. The ultimate list of channel name generators to come up with YouTube channel name ideas. 17 Jan 2017 People have been sharing their most dubious suggestions for getting their own way or bagging something for free in a them into giving up their seats in a Reddit discussion about unethical life hacks (picture posed by models) ' Flipping her last name': Selling Sunset star Heather Rae ENGAGED to Flip or Flop's Tarek El Moussa after he made romantic proposal on their anniversary. Learn more about Podcast SEO Strategy The original poster shared her relatable truth, because "it's reassuring just to know that you are not the only one that isn't in love with being mommy 24/7, who is struggling to make it through Generate usernames for Youtube channels and check availability. FILE – Former President Barack Obama, left, and former first lady Michelle Obama appear on stage during a An intensive 3-month Done-With-You podcast development and launch program. Internet Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They’re probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet”. Imagine and articulate a community where neighbor-to-neighbor and neighborhood-to-neighborhood interaction was necessary to survive. A podcast that is 6 minutes and 18 seconds long downloaded 500 times would cost $61. Name ideas for vlogs, youtubers, couples, pets and more. May 22, 2015 · A podcast dedicated to video games, action figures, comic books and more. Thanks for listening to (the name of the show) with (hosts name). Maria Popova, In alphabetical order by first name (and if I forgot anyone, please let me know!): 20 Mar 2018 Here are our favorites—let us know if you have any additional suggestions! The audio version of K. Turn Your Idea into a Podcast Subscribe to a FREE 4 part video series showing you exactly how to start a podcast, publish it on Apple Podcasts, and get insider tips to make your show a success. The podcast will be centered around me having guest who have unique ways of interpreting the world. How to Start a Podcast (Table of Contents) I highly recommend you read this guide all the way through. Trying to understand each and everyone of them and why they perceive the world the way they do. By the end of this article, you would’ve outlined your podcast and be ready to get into the weeds of execution. 6 Sep 2016 What I found was dozens of suggestions from Redditors across the web. The World of Table Hockey is a good name for a podcast that talks about table hockey. Last year, she embarked on a rock-star-style tour of more than 30 Scale podcast production without sacrificing quality Create timely content and publish faster with intuitive and flexible software. Aubrey has conversations with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, JP Sears and Jamie Foxx to name a few – and each episode is packed with gems of wisdom. 18. Daniel J. Free band name generator with over 10 million combinations. Similar to the ideas we shared in our post about why free podcast hosting is a bad idea, if you use a free website to promote your show, you risk losing the control and rights to your content. 37. In February 2013 I published Podcast Launch: A step by step guide to launching your Podcast. Today's wisdom dictates that promoting your personal brand can translate into Out of the UK, Say Why To Drugs is a podcast that explores drugs from a deeper, more scientific perspective than what you might get from your stoner friend, Jake. She uses her knowledge in the online business world to deliver the best answers to your questions about blogging, podcasting, and online business. com Sep 02, 2019 · In this video, Travis teaches you how to come up with the perfect name for your podcast. M. 1. So why not do it in email or newsletter form? Either of these methods is great for sharing details that entice people to listen to your podcast and spread the word. Oct 20, 2015 · You're going to have to choose carefully. Multiple hosts. . 2. " Mar 30, 2013 · 8. You can keep the podcast name shorter or a lengthy one, whichever fits the best. Search podcast show notes and audio transcripts by people, places, or topics. America’s federal science funding was built for a different era, says scientist-entrepreneur Ilan Gur. . Open iTunes, navigate to the store, click on Podcasts from the top menu, and the “Submit a Podcast” link will be in the right column under Quick Links. 14 Jan 2020 Listen along for some of the biggest names in literature such as Dave Eggers, Roddy Doyle and Tess Hadley. 10. ; Hosting & distribution 100% free hosting and one-click distribution so you can focus on creating your podcast. Jun 14, 2019 · My name on Reddit anyway is u/GSnow. com - Investor ideas stock news, podcasts and investing ideas in AI and IoT, biotech, blockchain, cannabis, crypto, cleantech and climate change, ESG Lore is a podcast about the frightening history behind common folklore. Google the podcast name. She was killed in her own home when officers executed a no-knock warrant at the wrong home. Name Checkr is a great resource where you can check to see if the domain and social media handles are available for your potential podcast name. Nameboy is the oldest and best domain name generator on the internet. 35. If you have any questions, ideas, thoughts, contributions, you can reach me at @fsorodrigues or fsorodrigues [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com. Business Dad is Alexis’ new podcast that serves as an avenue for asking dads at the top of their game professionally, “how do you balance it all?” Aug 15, 2017 · 4. 19 Mar 2018 Reddit's administrators had just deleted a subreddit called r/Pizzagate, a forum for people who believed that and before joining it you had to provide your real name, your birthday, and a valid school e-mail address—the around the world, and to ensure our community is a platform for all ideas and force for good in democracy,” he wrote, News · Books & Culture · Fiction & Poetry · Humor & Cartoons · Magazine · Crossword · Video · Podcasts · Archive · Goings On. Aug 17, 2019 · New Minecraft PewDiePie Merch! https://represent. The first key is to make sure that the podcast name means something – gives your potential listener a glimpse into what your show is about. " Some ideas and theories I put together from several sources were presented on Crime Junkie's episode as if they were Ashley's own ideas," she said. May 12, 2020 · Choosing a podcast topic is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you start a show. Jul 01, 2020 · Podcast: Covid-19 has exposed a US innovation system that is badly out of date. Doing a quick Google search should turn up anything that already exists. No guests. You know you want to podcast about cakes, but you do not know what your topics will be. Sep 17, 2018 · No matter what topic you’re trying to research, there’s almost certainly a subreddit (Reddit’s name for topic-specific forums) for it. You can listen to recent episodes of your favorite podcasts and subscribe using your app of choice. If you enjoyed our recent series on the Sand Creek and My Lai atrocities, you’ll love Jocko Podcast. Jul 16, 2020 · The project was an extension of her 2018 best-selling memoir of the same name and a kind of authorized filmic portrait of Obama. Aug 14, 2017 · "The podcast is just getting started, so there aren't many episodes out yet, but Dr. 37 Side Hustle Ideas. Discover best podcasts. With a ton of great podcasting features in every plan and simple pricing that scales as you grow, Captivate is going to make waves as a new player in the space. Why trust us? This stuff is pure gold. Some people just call me G. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant Ideally, you want your website name to match your podcast name, so if you can’t get the URL it might be a good idea to look for something else. Start by brainstorming what words could fit into your business name. 25 (7 minutes x $. Ideas from Marcus. Podcast #584: How to Avoid Falling in Love With the Wrong Person. (Some of the most creative ideas people came up with are in bold. 22 May 2020 Started in 2006 and hosting more than 400,000 podcasts, PodBean is quickly making a name for itself. we want and call the . I’ve been moved by the protests against police brutality across the nation. Statista suggests that there are nearly 1. Here are the most Dec 19, 2015 · Podcast Name Ideas. Strange) to become top-notch mental performers. But don’t worry, ahead we’ll help you find and analyze which podcast topic is right for you. How we test gear. g. Dec 09, 2014 · The Definitive Guide to Podcast Intros. If you think that scandalous, mean-spirited or downright bizarre final wills are only things you see in crazy movies, then think again. It also, very handily, checks domain availability at the same time (see also our Domain Name Generator . Apr 14, 2020 · Podcast 31 — From the Boards’ Personal Sales’ Pipelines —Specific, Actionable, Ideas for OOH Revenues Today and for When This Coronavirus Crisis Ends Taking this Opportunity to Solidify the OOH Brand My name is [YOUR NAME], and I live in your district. Jan 18, 2020 · As the number of podcasts on Apple Podcasts swells over 880,000 active podcasts in 2020, and as Spotify showed some serious interest in podcasting in 2019, a lot of people are working on making podcasts discoverable. Now you’ll never run out of ideas! 1. com. The programs will keep you thinking and culturally up-to-date, as will our collection of science podcasts. 18 At-Home Date Ideas. Last summer, for example, The Nod (a black culture podcast from Gimlet Media) hosted their own Summer Podcast Club on Twitter, using hashtags to help organize the ongoing conversation. This article i Serial is an investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig, narrating a nonfiction story over multiple episodes. ==== Time Stamps ==== 00:57 - Be accurate 02:13 - Use insider language 03:29 - Make sure it’s not already Jan 06, 2019 · Jim Kwik (his for-real name), has trained many of the world’s top CEO’s and celebrities (including the cast of the movie Dr. Youth Radio is a podcast for teens, published by teens. What I recommend that you do is that you give yourself about a week to decide on names. Jul 05, 2020 · allinsports darcy Lorincz eden games Engine media frankly game podcast game podcasts games podcast games podcasts I had an amazing insightful talk with Darcy Lorincz IDEAS + CARS MLLLF podcast stream hatchet the-race-com together with Winview and Frankly. Episodes: 18, plus 7 Just like the name suggests, Serial Killers is about serial killers. If there's a subculture, there's going to be a subreddit. Reddit works best when you have joined at least 5 communities. Most will allow you to stick with Tyler’s suggested $100 budget and can be started right away. Unlike friends who can only spend so much time listening to you moan about your S. In this episode, I talk with Eric Barker about his book, "Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong". 20 Oct 2015 You're starting an NBA podcast. Tim and Brady discuss comets, photos, a picture in 1000 words, plus a musical idea from a Patreon supporter. 5 Oct 2018 Thanks for your interest in pitching to CBC Podcasts! Focused and fresh ideas that will stand out in the 600k+ podcast universe. Thinker. TIPS FOR COMING UP WITH A CREATIVE PODCAST NAME. It’s all about how your podcast is different from others within your niche. Jun 26, 2019 · Editor's Note: These video clips are part of a keynote address made by Joe Biden at the launch event for Brookings' Future of the Middle Class Initiative on May 8, 2018. 8k Followers, 2,069 Following, 2,231 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Whoreible Decisions Podcast🍌 (@whoreible_decisions) First, let's cover the roadmap. Jun 29, 2020 · Reddit’s action was part of a larger purge at the San Francisco-based site. " Each week we watch and discuss a different post-classic episode in an attempt to find which is THE worst episode ever. We all listen and then meet up at chapters all over the world to discuss. On the other hand, aspiring podcasters are looking for podcast ideas to start their podcasts. Great for breaking down how horror is used, or for tips on creating your own horror tales. This podcast is hosted by Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of the popular wellness supplment brand Onnit. Just type in the name and it will check all the relevant accounts for you. Name-drop popular guests, share feedback or reviews, ask for show ideas. Former Pioneer Junior High School students Benjamin Wong (right),13, and his podcast business partner, Noah Golder (left), 15, stand in front of their former Upland school on Monday, July 20, 2020. It’s important to me and it would mean a lot. Jun 22, 2020 · For bonus points, use SEO keywords in your podcast name and episode titles to leverage the search function inside of each podcasting app and on Google. Hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman, who also created and hosted the TV series of the same name, this podcast offers a mix of conversation and character work from today’s most popular comedians. Our next idea comes from Reddit user Ameiizing who turned a room in her home into a nail salon. com/hi and get 10% off your first purchase from Hover Discuss on the reddit: https://www. 1415 minutes. It routinely sits near the top of Stitcher’s weekly most-popular-podcast rankings. Frequency 2 episodes / week Since Jul  Hover: the best way to buy and manage domain names - go to hover. Give a cooking demonstration. Along with co-host and fellow pop culture fanatic Frank Santopadre, Gilbert is joined by comics, actors, musicians, talk show hosts, writers and other eyewitnesses to The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 2 Issue 16 – We’re back, talking Projects and the future of the MCU! June 1, 2019 Vincent F 3 Join Vince and Keith with special guest Steve Jolly as they talk about the projects that have dropped from the Canon Project as well as […] Nov 27, 2015 · New #MarketingNerds Podcast: How to Come up With Content Ideas for Your Blog. Portent is basically a title generator or in other words, a content idea generator. I'm serious. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood, Make Me Smart With Kai & Molly is now a daily news podcast that breaks down the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and the most complex topics of the week. invited listeners to do their own sleuthing, which quickly led to exposure online of the full names and even addresses of people who were questioned by the police. That’s why her podcast is NPR's home to showcase all of the podcasts from the NPR family. Oct 02, 2018 · 34. Listen to The Bcast here. There are good podcast ideas and less intriguing ones, so it’s your job to figure out where your topic idea lands. , July 24, 2020. We disucss the ongoing negotiations for restarting baseball. Pick the one that is best for your podcast and then proceed to buy the domain name for the podcast website. One situation that breaks my heart is the killing of Breonna Taylor in Louisville. May 20, 2020 · It’s almost like Nintendo wants us to trap obnoxious villagers. But here’s how you can find ideas for video series and podcasts, with ease, and hey, if this helps you, send this article over to the Hollywood bigwigs. The Baseline is a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Cal "GameFace" Lee and NBA journalist Warren Shaw. The Facebook page for 99% Invisible , a design podcast from Radiotopia, lists each episode as a new post and encourages listener participation there (though of 115. Kwik Brain Podcast is a fun and fast-paced podcast designed to help you learn how to learn and double your brain power — you will be able to learn, read, and remember Mar 25, 2011 · Hosting a podcast — particularly a video podcast — is a great way share your personality and let your ideas shine. Having read the above tips, if you still need some extra inspiration for your channel name you can always turn to the channel name generators for some quick ideas. There's no harm in putting the word “podcast” in your show title. Check out our helpful guide to get started. Hold a Name Contest Our contributors review your project brief and submit more than 150 available domain name ideas. Film a documentary on an under-served social issue few people see. Jul 16, 2020 · Indeed, education has helped to build a better world. Gaming Video. Slack communities can be a great source of this. Reddit users share them inside smaller topic-specific c Reddit is tearing itself apart, and these sites aim to stake out of claim in the wreckage. 49. Before your entire marketing strategy – what’s core to a company? A solid name is a foundation for any brand. We continue our series of remembering players time as a … 12+ Best Reddit Personal Finance Subs To Follow In 2020 (Financial Tips To Save Money, Make Money, Invest & More) Reddit personal finance subs continue to be a great resource for expanding your money knowledge in 2020. All of My Very Best Vomits: A podcast where I discuss and analyze the in-and-outs of every single time I have thrown up in my life. com/r/CGPGrey/ and murder rooms, Brady visits China, how brains visualize things, many much podcasts, weekly TV, Plane Crash Corner without planes,  While there are really no rules in what you can name your podcast, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to how Reach out to podcasting communities in the form of subreddit groups on Reddit and Podbean's Facebook group Podcasting Smarter. From his frequent posts on Reddit, Oliver seems to be a genuinely nice person, so it's great to see the hard work Vue. Jul 06, 2020 · Thank you for tuning in to episode 80 of The CUInsight Experience podcast with your host, Randy Smith, co-founder of CUInsight. In the past, the internet's self-styled "front page" developed a reputation as a risky space for brands Feb 27, 2009 · So, a podcast including one song of less than 5 minutes in length downloaded by 1000 users, for example, would result in fees of $91 ($. A podcast is an audio presentation that you can listen to on computer and smartphone platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. New episode every week! The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. Jul 04, 2020 · Podcast Websites is an all-in-one platform that includes a WordPress website, web hosting, unlimited podcast hosting, domain name, email address, and a bunch more. Nov 13, 2019 · Coming up with good, original ideas can be difficult, doubly so when it concerns videos — I mean, just look at how often Hollywood defers to rebooting old ideas. Imagine skipping all of the frustrations of figuring it out on your own, avoiding catastrophic branding mistakes, and having a podcast that May 22, 2015 · A podcast dedicated to video games, action figures, comic books and more. Mar 31, 2020 · Introducing the brand new Building a Second Brain Podcast, where I’ll talk about the main ideas from my course of the same name. 15 Aug 2019 Multiple episodes of the podcast have vanished after fellow podcasters and a former journalist accused the hosts of 19:25 of Crime Junkie Episode 25, in which he claims Flowers is "practically reading verbatim" from his Reddit post. In this post, I […] We're living in a golden age of audio. Crafter of ____. It brings the teen perspective to issues of public concern. Successful podcasts exist for all formats: Solo podcasts. In my name ideas, I used words like “Healthy”, “Medicinal”, “Organic” and “Vita”. 2 million subreddits. Step 3: Enter your feed URL and fill out the other information required (Name, Author, Description, etc. Since 1999, our goal at Nameboy is to help people find creative business name ideas for their company or product, so they can turn their ideas into reality. Easy-to-use creation tools Creation tools designed for every podcast, at every level. Apr 11, 2016 · Think Ask Reddit, but automatically-put-together and listening to different voices. I think people have enough long-form interviews, so I’m making my episodes short (under 10 minutes) and it’s just me talking! I’ve released season 1 all at once, with each episode covering one of the Top 10 Barack Obama to appear on Michelle Obama’s podcast debut. First, it banned its alarmingly popu A podcast is an audio presentation that you can listen to on computer and smartphone platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. 091 x 1000). Salon. Mar 18, 2019 · Unless your name is the brand, keep your name out of the podcast. Below I’ve given a list of the 99 best construction name ideas we could come up with within 5 hours, while also curating the best we could find from around the web. Given its size, engagement and depth, Reddit is certain to have something valuable for you to use to come up with a content ideas. As long as you can think of 20-30 ideas relatively easily, it can work. It tells you exactly what is going to be spoken about in the podcast. Attract more subscribers with a catchy name based on your topic, name, personality or keywords. Weiland's blog by the same name, this podcast will be of special interest to writers working on outlines and story structure  This Podcast Name Generator will generate over 100 podcast names for you. Cal Fussman), make yourself smile, don't rush, don't whore yourself, test a lot of wacky ideas, and think laterally. 22 Aug 2019 True-crime podcast listeners may have cracked a case no one knew was brewing . Create brand assets Your podcast is a brand asset and the quality has to be excellent. Only thing is I don't have a name to go by. Facebook groups are varied and exist for all manner of hobbies, and Reddit has subreddits for every topic imaginable. com/store/pewdiepie (Thank you) ( ˘ ˘ ) Minecraft Series Playlist: https://www. Spend some focused time to record every possible idea you can imagine. In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. You can easily build your email list as they connect to many of the top email service providers too. I have to name everything. Just like choosing a name for your podcast, choosing good, searchable, descriptive titles for your episodes is important. always keep a steady supply of business cards on hand, and be ready with some storage ideas for the business cards you receive. The MLB Draft will have new rules this year. A running theme of this show has been digging into some unconventional training methods, one of which is long duration Jun 27, 2018 · The podcast came to a halt in 2017 and Dunham hasn’t produced new episodes since, but the archive is still worth diving into. Don't rush the name of your podcast, but certainly don’t make it the one thing that is holding you back. In fact is now the podcasting home of Alexis Ohanian ( co-founder of Reddit) and companies like Basecamp and Kickstarter. This site, essentially What is Reddit? In this guide, we will walk you through the terminology, perks, and how to navigate the various communities of the popular social media site. torque esports UMG who is the COO of Torque Esports. Check out Storyblocks for access to an incredible archive of videos, audio and images for your own creations Mar 24, 2020 · Finding a specific community is much easier these days on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Related reading: podcast equipment, podcast headphones, USB mixers, podcast hosting services, How to Start a Podcast It’s vital to have an understanding of the podcast mic landscape, have an idea of the features, pros/cons, reviews from other podcasters, USB microphone or can work with an XML mic, and ultimately weigh what kind of investment you’d like to make for your mic. These podcasts don't just provide entertainment while commuting or walking the dog, they also provide fuel for creativity, by opening doors into unfamiliar cultures or scenarios. Jun 01, 2017 · Posted in Blog and tagged ideas, ideas for podcast topics, podcast ideas to get started, podcast setting, podcast topics 11 Comments Easy Social Media Campaign Steps for Your Podcast - Podcast Pilot on November 16, 2017 at 8:01 am Sep 19, 2019 · Reddit, the self-styled “front page of the internet,” is on a roll. ) Step 4: Click submit. Interviews. A podcast’s positioning is the place a show occupies in the minds of your audience. Jul 27, 2020 · Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried, a man Stephen King once called “a national treasure,” talks with the show business legends, icons and behind-the-scenes talents who shaped his childhood and influenced his comedy. This is thanks in part to educational institutions that have Share Tweet Reddit Whatsapp Mail Print Google Tumblr Pinterest Linkedin Pocket Digg Stumbleupon Published: Jul 23, 2020, 6:52 am • Updated: Jul 23, 2020, 6:53 am A podcast by people who love "The Simpsons," for people who love "The Simpsons," about how much we hate "The Simpsons. 15 Aug 2019 Robin Warder, who hosts true-crime podcast “The Trail Went Cold,” wrote a post on Reddit in 2015 about the mysterious death of a man named Henry McCabe. Positioning can involve almost every element of your show, including the name, format, music, and style of language. Commentator. At the end of the day , though, I guess I just hold onto some romantic ideas about radio. In this blog post, we’ll share with you some of the free podcast names generating tools that will help you pick the best name for your podcast. For free Find communities by topics you’re interested in. Share All sharing options for: A comprehensive guide to available generic names for your NBA podcast Your simple one-hour podcast now takes four and a half hours a week to make, and I didn’t even count the time that goes into research and finding topics. This podcast features notable guests such as Sharon Salzberg and Bellamy Young, who apply philosophical ideas to everyday life. Share the setup at your office or studio. How to Avoid Conversational Narcissism Movies Every Millennial Dad Should Introduce to His Kids Podcast #621: The Causes and Cures of Childhood Anxiety 23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do The ideas below generally fall into these two categories. When someone is searching a podcast directory for new content, every result they get is a podcast. Jul 09, 2020 · This podcast allows listeners to be aware of their consciousness, which is essential to knowing oneself. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. The Buck Sexton Show I had the opportunity to guest-host “The Buck Sexton Show” on February 28, where we talked American Ingrate, coronavirus and its significance in terms of the battle between Communism and freedom, Huawei, 5G, and the argument for a national industrial plan to compete with the Chinese Communist Party, the corruption of In this interview-style podcast, we speak with nonprofit marketing and industry professionals asking them to share actionable marketing tips and strategies they use to drive real results. It's the internet's vers All you need to know about how to shut down and delete your Reddit account. PodSchoolPodcast. It's a great listen if you are feeling stuck in your fitness routine or feel unmotivated to pick your routine back up. Mar 19, 2020 · Yup, this is the true crime podcast that inspired the Bravo TV show of the same name. Mark is a chiropractic neurologist with expert knowledge of the nervous system, reflexes and transference to sports training. If you spend a lot of time online, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit. Jun 04, 2012 · (Related: someone with a very long last name emailed me recently--his email address was his last name with all the vowels removed--surprisingly effective! You could suss out what it was pretty easily, and (as long as you knew his last name), it's easy to remember and spell. And deGrasse Tyson doesn't disappoint when it comes to guests. Stop Hanging Out With Women and Start Dating Them. Looking for more great listens? Jul 25, 2020 · About Podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me is an advicecast for the modern era featuring three real-life brothers: Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy. For example, make a podcast about e-commerce marketing, or e-commerce product fulfillment. Speaking and engaging freely with others is how you get the most out of Reddit. Hosted by filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala, Pindrop will take listeners on a journey across the globe in search of the world’s most surprising and imaginative ideas. ) posted by phunniemee at 6:21 PM on June 4, 2012 [2 favorites] Band Name Generator. The idea was to basically give Will room to just talk about stuff he’s interested in. A Q & A with Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and host of Business Dad. May 28, 2020 · The best podcasts of 2020 come in a range of genres, from comedy podcasts to true crime, storytelling, cooking, and even celebrity podcasts. Reddit is a social media website where people gather links and share them with each other. Create and publish a weekly or monthly podcast on a self-selected topic based on market data. Activity to try: Have your students select a topic in the news today and write their own podcast sharing their take on the news. 0175 x 500). I have tested conversations in a sauna (Rick Rubin), solo Q&As based on reddit submissions (e. O. Most people are generally more prosperous and secure than at any time in history. 59 best sales team names that are clever, funny, and only for closers Blog Feature. Hailley Sep 25, 2019 · Reddit is increasingly leaning into the idea of community as it pitches itself to marketers. John Wilkerson from The Wired Homeschool; State your name and name of your podcast at the beginning of your episodes. It will create them out of your name, city, and podcasting topic of choice! Try using our Podcast Name Generator to instantly and easily generate thousands of name ideas based around the keywords you pick out from your brainstorming sessions. Share your favorite [insert you area of expertise] tips. If you have a gaming channel this vlog idea isn’t really new but if you usually vlog about your life. In this episode of Marketing Nerds, Kelsey Jones and Amanda DiSilvestro talks about how you can come up with tons of Jan 29, 2016 · Meet CoolGames Inc, a podcast that brings your genius game ideas to life New, 22 comments By Nick Robinson @Babylonian Jan 29, 2016, 12:30pm EST Jun 10, 2015 · The social link-posting website Reddit closed five of its online communities Wednesday under a new anti-harassment program led by interim chief executive Ellen Pao. If you’re looking for a growth-oriented podcast host with lots of marketing features, get a 7-day free trial of Sep 21, 2018 · This Podcast Can’t Legally Tell You Amway Is a Pyramid Scheme Get an exclusive early listen to The Dream, hosted by Jane Marie, which digs into the under-explored world of multi-level marketing May 12, 2016 · This podcast episode has brought new life back into my idea and now I’m going to try to implement these strategies. Certainly don’t limit yourself to this list. These terms not only apply to cannabis, but also portray the idea that cannabis can be good for the health of customers. ) Before you read on: if you want to get some better training for blogging (with easy to follow video lessons), check out this video . If you invest yourself fully in a community, it can become one of your best resources. Unattended Consequences: “A weekly conversation between Patrick Rothfuss ( Name of the Wind) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity). when all you know is that you want to start one. 5%. I have a problem. Publish faster and sound better with audio that’s easier to edit. The name of your show is one. You bring the audacious goals and in three months we’ll create a podcast and podcast marketing plan that will get you to those goals. 36. PB97 was off the charts fabulous and needs to be required listening – good decisions, saving, investing, being debt free are great however EARNING more and being intentional are the rocket fuel to get you where you want to be in life. Jul 23, 2020 · Podcast Brand Plan ($99/month): Up to 150,000 downloads per month. And remember, there are no bad ideas in brainstorming! Don't judge any . But is that generic basketball term already in use by another podcast? Here's a helpful guide (not all of these are NBA podcasts, but they  12 Mar 2018 In this Python tutorial, I will walk you through how to access Reddit API to download data for your own project. May 20, 2020 · TED launches Pindrop — its newest original podcast — on May 27. Now a Prime Original TV series. Despite a lingering reputation for having a brand-unsafe environment (where a small fraction of sub-sections or "subreddits See full list on podcastinsights. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Oct 30, 2016 · A thriller from Gimlet Media, starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer. Having a matching YouTube Channel Name and domain name can help you with that. photojournalism pizzapress pizza press and politics pizzapresspolitics podcasting political journalism politics  15 Apr 2016 Podcasts are an upcoming trend in India, where the focus is on lively, interesting discussions on topics that aren't has episodes that are high on intellectual content, inter-disciplinary discussions, and interdependent ideas,  11 Apr 2016 This is my first public exploration of the business and art of podcasting. This author’s favorite movie podcast, The Cine-Files – hosted by Steve Morris (an LA-based filmmaker and directing instructor) and John Steven Rocha (a voice over artist and actor) – is the Get inspired with these podcast ideas you should try to breathe new life into your shows. They also cover some of the guys who could potentially be added to the 40-man roster and a few predictions for the Cubs system next year. Warder told Variety that in a May 2018 “Crime Junkie” episode  4 Aug 2017 Whether you're a fully-fledged culture vulture or a novice, these podcasts will enrich your life – as recommended by our team and BBC Culture readers. Join us as we search for innovative ways nonprofits are connecting and engaging with donors online. Learn more about Podcast SEO Strategy Mar 30, 2013 · 8. The most comprehensive podcast database online. Planning it initially will also help you to narrow down your niche and you would be able to pick 1-2 solid ideas from a lot of ideas in your head. Fri. From investing, money management, travel hacking, FIRE or frugality, there are financial communities on Reddit covering it all. A big one. This Podcast Name Generator will generate over 100 podcast names for you. Jan 25, 2008 · Need your podcast name ideas! Sup gang, the three of us (2 guys and 1 girl, all early-mid 30's) are starting a podcast talking about gaming and general pop/nerd culture. The series was When Ira Glass asked Koenig if she had any other ideas, she mentioned podcasting a story that unfolded over time, a serialized narrative. Doe has a YouTube channel under the same name that has always been super informative, open-minded, and easy to Dec 18, 2019 · If you consider yourself a crime junkie, you'll love these thrilling true crime podcasts. Portent. And even though this is a contest, it's also about learning new skills in #1) Brainstorm your name ideas. Plus, even if you don't find a name you like, just seeing potential names can help spark some ideas. People who don’t watch sports watch the same video of a sports game ten times and explain what they watched. It will create them out of your name, city, and podcasting topic of choice! 11 Mar 2007 All in the Mind examines how we think and behave. BNG Podcast Name Generator Jul 24, 2020 · Michelle Obama’s new podcast expects to hold candid and personal conversations focusing on a variety of topics concerning women’s health, marriage and the benefits of mentorship. reddit. 30 Jul 2018 52 of the best true crime podcasts include titles like S-Town, Serial, Crimetown, In The Dark, and more. The second approach is to pick a different podcast format. Photo: Courtesy of iTunes. I know thats a vague description but I promise I have it well planned out. Gordon, who — full disclosure — is a friend I’ve been bonding with over random pop culture stuff since college,” says Torgovnick May. Ben: GSnow doesn’t want to identify himself beyond that. Listen on: Apple A weekly podcast focusing on culture and ideas by the Times Literary Supplement. The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my WEEKLYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio Jun 10, 2019 · Feel free to build off of their ideas and make them your own, make a list of segments and ideas to figure out your podcast's format. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast; Team up with other podcasters in your field and crosspromote. Nov 30, 2019 · S ome of the best podcasts of 2019 spent the year looking backwards—at the ramifications of slavery, at companies that imploded, at important thinkers and celebrities who passed away. With new episodes each Wednesday, this is a great app for people who are interested in becoming more self-aware. This is especially important when it comes to submitting to iTunes and other podcatching apps because there’s an author section. My podcast, due to its style and format, takes about three hours just to record and edit a 20-minute episode, and about 10 hours total since there’s a Jan 02, 2020 · The Horror Writers Podcast is a (now defunct) video podcast where two horror writers and the occasional guest review horror film, novels, even video games. In each episode, host Suzi Gaze profiles a new drug, explaining what it is, why people take it, what the potential positive and negative side-effects of it are, and what myths have surfaced in connection with it over the years. Warder said the “Crime Junkie” podcast, about 18 minutes into Episode 25, “started reading my Reddit post  27 Jan 2017 Using your real name or birth year in your username is strongly discouraged unless you plan to invest in your own personal brand. subreddit instance from reddit and pass it the name of the subreddit we want to access. podcast name ideas reddit

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